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Celebrities Confessions - My Life With The Stars
Tony Flood - Heather Flood - Nigel Goodall - Dec Cluskey
Dec Cluskey of the Bachelors, (pictured right), with Heather Flood, Tony Flood and celebrity author Nigel Goodall.
"Tony Flood's sensational book will rock people in the worlds of show biz and sport. If you want to know their secrets, this is the one!"
says Dec Cluskey, The Bachelors pop group.
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What celebrities and media people said about the

'My Life With The Stars - Best, Ali and the Panties'

If you want to know the ins and outs of show biz, sport, films and politics this is the one! Tony Flood takes us on a riotous trip through the years of chatting with so many of the great names...George Best, Muhammad Ali, Frankie Howerd etc. Check out the Sir John Gielgud story - my personal favourite. There is something magical in hearing the frailties of the huge names ...Sir Ralph Richardson forgetting his lines! The present day guys? How Tony will be sued for his Rednapp stories? I jest ..he has all the latest shenanigans and the ancient stuff ...the kids will love it and so will the old timers. I just love a good yarn and Tony's book is full of them, including my Beatles story.
DEC CLUSKEY, The Bachelors

I much enjoyed reading the many amusing and revealing anecdotes in Tony Flood's book, and those people with a love of show business or sport should find this a great read. I am very happy to endorse My Life With the Stars.

Tony Flood reveals some fascinating secrets about top sports stars in his excellent new book. It contains great stories about Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, George Best and Muhammad Ali that make riveting and very amusing reading. My Life With The Stars is a well written and comprehensively researched book. And there are some knock-out quotes from Harry Redknapp and yours truly. This book should appeal to everyone, men and women, young and old. Once you start reading it you can't put it down.
TOMMY DOCHERTY, former Manchester United manager.

Retired tabloid journalist Tony Flood has compiled a wonderful list of anecdotes, featuring a galaxy of stars from the worlds of sport, entertainment and politics. There's
Bill Clinton's none-too-subtle chat-up lines, Carly Simon's inadvertent public spanking
and George Best's horde of female followers. Tales, too, of theatrical Knights
Richardson, Geilgud and my own hero, Olivier. My 'Murder on the Nile' co-star
Kate 0'Mara also makes a revealing appearance! Quite a read.
DENIS LILL, actor, Only Fools and Horses

Tony Flood's dealings with Muhammad Ali, George Best, Bobby Moore and Kenny Dalglish, plus a host of showbiz celebrities, make fascinating reading. WOW! So many of the stars' secrets now come out! The most gripping interview was Tony's exclusive with former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobelaar the day after the Hillsborough disaster, the deadliest stadium-related tragedy in British history. Revealing how Grobelaar tried to help dying fans while the match was still being played was a remarkable story.
SAMI MOKBEL, Daily Mail writer.

My Life With The Stars is full of cheeky anecdotes, and is perfect for fans of entertainment, sport and of those who play it. An interesting book packed with stories and tales from Tony's life, and the diverse and fascinating people that he has met along the way. I love reading about George Best, a man that I, too, was lucky enough to meet.
SUSIE AMY, actress.

Tony Flood has the knack of instantly finding a connection with people he meets,
and telling a great story. He’s also a very, very funny guy - and all these qualities are
the ingredients that make My Life With The Stars a real page-turner. I looked forward
to reading revelations about sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, George Best,
Freddie Flintoff and Bobby Charlton - and I wasn’t disappointed. Tony's great stories revealing secrets about showbiz stars are equally delightful. My Life With The Stars
is a superbly entertaining read and I strongly recommend it.
DALE HARRY, Sport Publications Project Manager, Inside the Games.

As a sports journalist, I have met many larger than life characters and it is fair to say that Tony was the largest. Some journalists (myself included) tend to be a little bit awe-struck when they talk to the rich and famous - but they would be awe-struck when they spoke to Tony! He was totally fearless. I'm not sure any other journalist on this planet would have been brave enough to tell Martin Allen, the former Brentford manager whose nickname 'Mad Dog' was surely more reality than affection, that he had got his tactics wrong.
I always felt Tony had a great book in him.
JOHN PAYNE, sports editor and writer.

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